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Today’s Top Picks

1) [9:38 AM] WBC Bridgestone Classic


2) [4:10 PM] Steve Johnson vs. Milos Raonic


3) Coming soon....


4) Coming soon....


 Yesterday: 1-1

August: 0-0

2013: 534-294

2014: 655-367

Overall: 1207-646

[9:38 AM] WBC Bridgestone Classic

Will either Bowditch, Stadler, Zanotti, or DeLeast get a hole in one on the Par 3 12th?

Yes At least one player gets a hole in one on this hole

No: No one gets a hole in one on this hole


Current odds:

Not available


Streak Master is giving us a FREE GREEN on this one! In round 1, hole 12 had a 2.97 shot per average, with 0 hole in ones, 0 eagles, 10 birdies, 58 pars and 8 bogeys. Typically the course gets more difficult as the tournament progresses, so a hole in 1 here is VERY UNLIKELY!


StreakSmarts pick: No: None of them get a hole in one on this hole

Confidence: 9/10

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